Lawn Maintenance

Naperville Lawn is a full-service lawn care services company that has been servicing Naperville and surrounding communities for years. We offer a wide range of lawn care services from annual maintenance to one-time treatments, such as grub control, fertilization, and weed control. Our team provides an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction with their professionalism, understanding, and knowledge in the industry. They can handle all your landscaping needs while saving you money!


There are many different aspects of lawn maintenance for your outdoor spaces. Some people may only want to mow their lawn and be done with it, but others will do much more than that. Everyone needs to know what they should do and how often they should do it to have a pristine yard all year long.

The first step of lawn maintenance is to mow. Each cutting height depends on the time of year, but typically you should start at a higher cut in the early spring and gradually go down as summer approaches. Make sure that your grass is never more than one-third its original height or else it will be difficult for the soil to absorb the nutrients it needs. Mowing can also work as pest control for some reasons.

Fertilization is the next aspect of lawn maintenance. It can help to balance out your soil and provide your grass with much-needed nitrogen that will make sure that all parts are healthy, including roots, stalks, and leaves. When fertilizing you should always read the directions on the back of the fertilizer bag because everyone’s grass is different. This also helps in pest control.

Weed control is very important if you want your yard to look pristine all year long. Keeping weeds down will also allow the nutrients in the soil to go toward growing healthier grass instead of being used by pesky plants. When it comes time for weed control, make sure that you are using an herbicide that provides broad-spectrum coverage.


Keeps Grass Healthy

Allowing your grass to become too tall will stress it out because the roots are not getting what they need. It is important for all parts of a plant, including roots, stalks, and leaves, to get what they require so that your lawn can stay healthy throughout the seasons.

Efficient Watering

If you mow at higher heights then you will have to water more often than if you keep it at a lower cut. However, by mowing your grass low then you allow for efficient watering because the blades of grass can soak up all the moisture that they need and not evaporate into the atmosphere.

Efficient Nutrient Absorption

Grass typically goes through two stages in the year when it needs more nutrients. The first stage occurs in the spring and fall months, while the second is during summertime. During these times you will have to fertilize your grass so that it can absorb all of what it requires for a healthy lawn.

Maintains Property Value

Keeping a nice yard means that everyone who sees your home will think that you take great care of it. This can help to maintain a high property value so that when the time comes for you to sell your home, your asking price is higher than other homes in the area.


Expert and Knowledgeable

If you want the best then it is important to hire an expert. They know how lawns work and can maximize their effectiveness by using different products, equipment, and techniques that will help your grass be as healthy as possible.

Save Time

When you are busy with other things during the day than mowing or any of the more extensive aspects of lawn maintenance services can take up all of your time. Hiring a professional will save you the hassle and let you do other things with your day.

Save Money

Professionals know what they are doing so it is important to hire them if you want the best results for as little money as possible because they always use their advanced knowledge to save you money. In addition, these companies offer free estimate for a great service!


If you want a yard that is as healthy and green as the rest of Naperville then make sure to keep up with your lawn maintenance throughout each season so no weeds can grow, the grass stays low for efficient watering, and fertilizing keeps all parts strong. Maintaining your lawn should never be forgotten because it can affect the rest of your home and community. Get your free consultation now!